5. April 2021

In a relationship with my outfit

Nice! you decided to come back…now i am gonna take you to an adventure through my experience with clothes.

To be honest i can't realy remember the first time when i felt like clothes had a special meaning to me. I just remeber the feeling of not being able to build that connection. As soon as i got that freedom, to decide what i can wear, i once realised how this was missing in my childhood. It was like being forbidden to know myself & that made me uncomfortable over years.
This is the reason why i would never build a wall in the creativity of my son - it's a part of emotional growth & the self-knowing journey.

From where i stand now - this current perspective - i can say i am emotional attached to my clothes and especially sneakers.

Ok now you maybe think " but how did you come to that conclusion?" Well it is very simple. First of all i can not describe my style. My style depends on my emotional situation. The current emotions i am having - are always choosing the Outfit. I am sure that my love for sneakers got inspired by playing basketball. NBA Players like Rajon Rondo, Allen Iverson & especially Dennis Rodman inspired my childhood style & made me a sneakerhead in a very young age. I remeber buying my first Air Force 1 - at the age of 10 with my (over months) saved pocket money. The feeling this kicks gave me is something i will never forget. It was like being part of a special community.
A community where i belong & felt comfortable. So choosing my clothes & shoes over the years got more & more a serious choice. The brand - it's background story, the people behind it, where it comes from, the conditions of the workers & especially where it's produced are very important for me to know.

If your are in the middle of your journey with similar experience like mine - please don't feel bad by expressing yourself. It maybe makes others uncomfortable but it's not your job to be trapped in others comfort zone.

My personal advice to people who haven't a special interest in clothing & not a understanding why other people wear diffrently. Stop laughing about them, pointing at them, criticizing them & giving them the condescending attitude.

It's like laughing about their personality and i am sure you don't want people to laugh about yours.


Your Fatma ♡♡♡

Photography by Brandan Josh

8. März 2021

Cheers to my first article

Hi everyone,

hey nice to have u here, hello..ok stop, there is no good intro - and i have spend way to much time on trying to find one.
Lets start with something that should be more popular and nowadays rare two words : THANK YOU!
Why? The fact that you sacrifice a tiny time of your life to read my words - means a lot
and should be not take for granted. Enough now - let's save the deeptalk for the next article.
If you been following my life for a while now - you must noticed that a lot happend.
So this is going to be my little private publice diary.
I would like to share my mind in the most comfortable way : writing.
We gonna talk about lewks, food, motherhood..almost everything - but first lets start step by step.
Hopefully y'all gonna be there the next time, to hear me out.
Before our way seperate i am gonna leave some eyecandy.

Stay safe,
Fatma ♡♡♡

Photography by Eva K. Salvi for Anissa Kermiche



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