Hi everyone,

hey nice to have u here, hello..ok stop, there is no good intro - and i have spend way to much time on trying to find one.
Lets start with something that should be more popular and nowadays rare two words : THANK YOU!
Why? The fact that you sacrifice a tiny time of your life to read my words - means a lot
and should be not take for granted. Enough now - let's save the deeptalk for the next article.
If you been following my life for a while now - you must noticed that a lot happend.
So this is going to be my little private publice diary.
I would like to share my mind in the most comfortable way : writing.
We gonna talk about lewks, food, motherhood..almost everything - but first lets start step by step.
Hopefully y'all gonna be there the next time, to hear me out.
Before our way seperate i am gonna leave some eyecandy.

Stay safe,
Fatma ♡♡♡

Photography by Eva K. Salvi for Anissa Kermiche